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Yahweh Tzevaot Part 1: Asking for Inheritance

Yahweh Tzevaot Part 1: Asking for Inheritance


This is the first book in the Yahweh Tzevaot series. This series is intended to explore the meaning and power of the name of God. In this first book, we will discuss the way that God introduces His name Yahweh to the saints. To know His name is one thing, to live out of its supply is a completely different thing altogether. When Yahweh revealed His name, He was also revealing the full supply of His name. While doing this for Israel, Yahweh unveiled His process as well for the Israelites to be able to fully receive what He intended for them. It was this process that ultimately brought them through the wilderness into inheriting the land promised to their forefather Abraham. 


Today, this process still applies to us. When Yahweh wants to give us something to inherit forever, Yahweh will bring us through this same process. Without understanding of this process, we sometimes fall into disappointment and disillusionment, as some of the Israelites did. We hope in this book to shed light on this process so that in the midst of the journey, we will continue to live in the intention and desire of Yahweh as well as His determination to see His plans for us come to pass, so that we may continue to be led by Him into our own Promised Land.

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