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Unlocking The Book Of Revelation

Unlocking The Book Of Revelation


The Book of Revelation can be a pretty daunting book to read. Fire and brimstone, marks and timelines, and perplexing prophecies seem to fill its pages. Yet the writings of this book are the visions of a great man of God in the latter days of his life. If there is any book that sums up what a mature Christian should look like, this would be it. Not only is John the apostle one of the fathers of the faith; he is also the best friend of Jesus Christ.


With that, his words carry much weight. This is not just some book of instruction. It is a direct recounting of his raw experience in Heaven. With this framework, the Book of Revelation becomes a letter of invitation for us to encounter Yahweh's world. John's book is a treasure trove that is waiting to be unlocked so that we can stand on his shoulders to find our place in the Kingdom of God. In this book, we will explore some of the keys laid out in the Book of Revelation that enable us to access the experiences within and the rewards Yahweh has kept for our future.

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