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The Trade Audio Book

The Trade Audio Book


The Trade: International Spy-Thriller Novel by Trace Evans (Marios Ellinas' Pen Name)


A phenomenal discovery in the most unlikely of places: An international team of geologists finds huge—and hugely valuable—quantities of lithium on the island-nation of Cyprus. Before long, the head geologist is found dead; international delegations from near and far arrive in search of the lithium rights; intelligence agencies monitor the situation from the shadows; and the mysterious Swiss-based multinational CORE sends in its ace deal-closer, Monir Young, to represent the company’s interests. CORE’s ruthless covert operators have laid the groundwork for Monir to acquire the lithium rights unchallenged. But the purchase talks take a dramatic turn when Monir discovers his employer’s role in a sinister hidden agenda. As he scrambles to expose CORE’s plans, Monir enters the crosshairs of powerful conspirators whose objective is to use the lithium’s enormous financial worth for their own geopolitical advantage—and, ultimately, global control.

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