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The Real Joseph Anointing

The Real Joseph Anointing


The “Joseph Anointing” has been a phrase used to describe the mandate for success in people’s secular careers in order to do God’s work among those who do not go to church. However, this teaching has caused much pain through its unhealthy expectations, because it excludes those who are in church and those who are not the most successful in their jobs, as well as introduces disappointment to those who fail to get the recognition that they desire. Much of these issues stem from a mindset that is rooted in needing the validation of people and circumstances around us to affirm who we are.


Joseph lived in a completely different way. Joseph was the same whether he was taking care of his father’s sheep, being a prisoner or ruling over Egypt. In this book, we will discover that the true measure of Joseph’s person was not found in his success on Earth, but in his stewardship in Heaven. His life was the result of constant engagement with God’s realm. His story is not so simple; it is not a typical tale of rags to riches. Rather, there are mysteries of Yahweh which Joseph lived out of that permeated into the narrative of his life, which we hope to unravel in this book. 


Joseph modelled a life in the Spirit that any son of Yahweh can follow and learn from. Whether your main occupation is in church or not in the church, whether you are old or young, whether your life is smooth sailing or struggling, there is something here for you. The treasures of Joseph’s walk can dramatically change our lives so that our past, present and future will never be the same again.

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