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The Cargo Audio Book

The Cargo Audio Book


The Cargo: International Spy-Thriller Novel by Trace Evans (Marios Ellinas' Pen Name)


In The Trade, Monir Young helped stop the sinister multinational CORE from gaining control of an invaluable supply of lithium on Cyprus. Now representing Cyprus in the deal for the lithium, Monir encounters a series of people and events that are mysteriously connected: A deadly sniper shooting in one of the safest nations on earth. A Singaporean technology expert who vanishes from a ship in the middle of the ocean. A Silicon Valley CEO determined to realize his vision of the future. And a Chinese gang leader with government connections who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. As Monir rushes to figure out how it’s all tied to the lithium, he works with friends new and old to uncover a plot with repercussions for the United States, Singapore, China—and the entire world.

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