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Developing A Revelatory Spirit

Developing A Revelatory Spirit


In Ephesians 1:17, Paul prayed that the Father of glory would give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Him better. Developing a spirit of wisdom and revelation allows the substance of God to transform us, affecting everything that we do in heaven and on earth. Through revelation, Joseph was able to save the entire earth from starvation. Through revelation, the disciples went from being an oppressed nation to victors who turned the world upside down. Through revelation, the church of the firstborn was built on solid rock. 


In this book, we will explore how to walk with Yahweh so that we can develop a revelatory spirit. The secret things belong to the Lord but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever. Yahweh is constantly unfolding revelation to us so that we can inherit our reward in Jesus Christ. Creation itself is groaning for the revelation in the sons of God to be revealed. Let the sons of Yahweh arise!

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