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Christ in Us

Christ in Us


During a prophetic art session, we were given the assignment to read Psalm 139 and use it to inspire us in our art. While I was reading Psalm 139, I felt in my spirit the question: "Who am I?" As a response, I began to ask God this question. However, no matter how I asked, God seemed to be very quiet, which puzzled me.


In the midst of the silence, I started to wonder if maybe instead of me asking the question, God was the one asking. Maybe God was saying, "Who am I?" I went back to reading Psalm 139. This time, God suddenly became very talkative. And amidst the conversation, I remember Him saying to me:


"Wherever you go, whatever you experience, I am with you. My eyes are always upon you and my thoughts are about you."


It dawned upon me that the all knowing God, the all powerful God and the all present God is always there for me. That this God would choose to be in me. This is what this acrylic painting represents. The God of the universe chose to be inside me, so that the galaxies, eternity itself, would be inside my heart.


Then I realized, I am His child, I am His beloved, I am His precious, and I am His bride.


Jennifer Ho

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