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Available here are original songs composed by the SOWAR community.

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Spontaneous Prophetic Worship (SOWAR Vol 3 Session 4)

Spontaneous Prophetic Worship (SOWAR Vol 3 Session 4)

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In times of worship, there are moments where the worship team sings an original song that is not prepared beforehand. A song that is released from Heaven and carries the heart of Yahweh. These are the spontaneous prophetic songs. In SOWAR, we deeply treasure these "sounds" of Heaven because not only do they carry a prophetic message from Yahweh's world; they also bring with them a realm of revelation that invades our world. Even as we listen to these songs again, we are again deeply immersed into the realms of our Father. May you be blessed, just as we have been, by these revelatory songs.

Prices in SGD.

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